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Over the 2 years i have spent on YouTube, I ran into thousands of videos to do with Parkour, Freerunning and Tricking. The videos below are the best in my opinion although you may have already run into a few of them. They all show INCREDIBLE filming skills, editing skills and of course, unimaginable traceur skills. Videos like these inspire me to do what i do so i want to share the inspiration with all the Kinetic Freerun members.



 This is probably the most popular freerunning video in the world, if you have never seen it you must be living under a rock.

Channel Link:



 Another very popular video, very effective filming and the whole video just looks like a lot of fun.

Channel Link:


#3 RUN

This is Chase Armitage's 2009 showreel, he is definitely one of the more experienced freerunners and this video is a great inspiration to anyone who watches it.

Channel Link:




By far the best freerunning montage i have ever seen, great editing, fun music and some awesome skills. 

Channel Link: 



Eldente is definitely one of the best editors in the Tricking community, this video really shows the true meaning of tricking. 

Channel Link:




This video looks as though it should be an add, it is amazing. 

Channel Link:


They are all awesome? i know, there are more but i decided that ill keep the list short and update it every few months.  I DON'T OWN RIGHTS TO ANY OF THESE VIDEOS so if one of these videos is yours and you have a problem with it, tell me and i will remove it ASAP.

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